Limitations of BizTalk Server 2005 RunTime Edition

First off, apologies if this question seems to be in the wrong section, I really wasn't sure where it best fitted!

My firm has just taken delivery of a new system which uses BizTalk Server 2005 RunTime as one of it's parts.

I understand what BizTalk can do, and I can see some benefits for the firm in other areas, however, I'm struggling to find out what I can and can't do with just the RunTime edition. I'm assuming I can't write any new processes/workflows (or whatever the correct term is).

We'd probably like to be able to use it to communicate with a number of different systems by creating some custom flows/file transfers, which I would have though requires more than just runtime.

Am I correct in thinking I also need full Visual Studio to be able to work with it?

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I am not sure if you want to talk about BizTalk sever 2006 runtime edition because I haven't heard anything regarding Biztalk server 2005 ..I am not sure if such a product exists.

I am just listing uses of BizTalk server 2006 runtime

1 You can use custom build adapters to Communicate with other systesm like SQL,SAP,Oracle, Main frams ..etc.
2 ) BizTalk is best when used for Context / Message based routing
3) You can automate  your business process using BizTalk orchestations. They  are designed to simulate a business process
4) If you have requirements to track key can use BizTalk BAM
5) You can write business rules t take key decisions based on some business conditions
6) You can publish your orchestrations a web services to be called by other processes

Yes you need VS2005 to create biztalk applicaitons

Hope this answers your question.

With regards
chuckaliciousAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nik, that might explain why I couldn't find anything on 2005!

I understand that BizTalk comes with some pre-built adapters. Are these available through the runtime license or do I need the full one?

If I only need the runtime, then what benefits are gained by having the full thing?

Also, does that mean that all development work is done via VS2005?
I am not sure about what system you are connecting ,,,but Biztalk comes up with Built in adapters like File, SQL , MQ series etc
If you aer developing orchestration to simulate a business process you need VS 2005
if your solution only involve routing than you don't need VS 2005 ,,you can do this in Biztalk server administrator
if you are developing Rules that you can do with Business rules composer.


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chuckaliciousAuthor Commented:
Thanks again Nik.

You mentioned BizTalk administrator and Business Rules composer. Are these both part of the BizTalk RunTime or are they other MS products?
chuckaliciousAuthor Commented:
And to answer your question, I would most likely be connecting it up to Lotus Domino
they are part of Biztlak server . I am not sure regarding connecting to Lotus  Domino,,,,,never done before ,,but there must be some adapter to do that ..I don't thing there is a built in might need a Third party adapter
chuckaliciousAuthor Commented:
so bringing this back round to the original question, can I do all that you've suggested Nik, while only in the possession of a runtime licence for BizTalk Server? Obviously I need the full VS2005, but right now I'm just interested in whether I need to get more than just a runtime licence.

Thanks again
the only thinng  i can think of,  needed additional to VS2005  and Bizserver 2006 runtime   is Third party adapter to connect to Lotus dominos,,,,I am not very sure though

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