Controlling RUMBA 3270 Session from MS Access

Hi, I have been trying to Control and Screen Scrape a Rumba 3270 Session from a MS Access Form using the ObjectXMFDisplay Control Object.

I've had some limited success:
   Connecting and disconnecting the session using .Connect and .Disconnect.
   Sending keystrokes into the session using .SendKeys  
and retreiving screen text using .GetScreen2

My problem is getting my VB code to wait when I've sent and enter keystroke  - @E - for the next screen to be ready.  I've written some code that forces a pause for a second or two after each Enter Key, which sort of works, but there must be a better way.  Any suggestions?  Thanks
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There's discussion of this and VB code samples (not Access specific) here:
its been a while since i wrote/worked with a scraper..

but i believe you have 2  basic choices...
1)  have a pause as you suggest
2)  identify a unique area per screen which identifies each "page" returned
     and loop checking it ...


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greep I am stuck working on a project that requires connecting to Rumba and was wondering if you might be able to provide any insight on this.  Did you ever get the results you were after?
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