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Need Server Auditing/Documentation Software for referencing servers duties

I need some kind of software, where I can go in and add a servers name, its main functions, ip's, latest patch date, build #, apps installed, version of apps, etc...

Anyone ever heard of something like this and can point me with some reviews and a link?

1 Solution
If your talking about just holding the information then I would just use excel.
If you need to get the information from the server such as patch number, version, etc etc then I understand but otherwise I would just use something simple.
Numara Software has an auditing utility that will do this very easily and automatically in a Windows Environment.  It is an add-on Module to "TrackIt"

Buy trackit, then audit licenses for the number of nodes, and it will gather much of this info automatically (You can set Audit to run as a "Startup" script, or on a schedule or however you want)

If you want something more manual, I don't see why something like Excel (or even a small access database) wouldn't work.
corphealthAuthor Commented:
Those solutions are not really what I was looking for.  I finally decided to create a wiki in sharepoint and post the server specs there.  along with patch notes and to-do lists.
Thanks for your advice tho. and this question can be closed.

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