User profile is corrupt and Unable to rename profile with local administrator account

I have a user getting a lot of memory could not be written, unkonw tcp/ip host.  I wanted to rename the user profile but gave me access denied.  I logged in as local admin and still getting access denied.      
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David-HowardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've come across this a couple of times. On one of the issues I had success logging in via SafeMode and changing the account. The other, no matter what I did it didn't work and I ended up reloading the OS.
If you have a Restore point set you might try that. (That's a long shot though.)
If it's possible to access her profile through Explorer, copy her user data (My documents, IE Favorites, pst files, etc.) and then delete her profile through User Accounts in the Control Panel. If you do this, you'll also want to take note of any mapped drives, networked printers. If the user has set up a custom dictionary (custom.dic) or macros you will need to locate those as well.
Take ownership of the folder. Are you getting any other errors with other user accounts?
on that machine I meant to add.
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You need to take ownership of the folder (Property --> Security --> Advanced --> Owner --> click on Administrors,  check the box next to Replace owner on subcontainers and objects and click OK).
be v careful id remove off of network run complete virus and spyware scan before doing anything else you cold have a bug demoting admin privilidges especially seeing as you cant make amendments even with teh local admin account

Also run hijackthis if unsure and post a log then once you ahve confirmed pc is clean go about performing tasks above better to be safe than lose your domain
I have had success by doing a reboot instead of a log off.  This releases the profile from the registry.  Upon reboot, i logged on as local admin and was then able to rename the profile.
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