Configuring multiple site links

I have two sites in my domain.

One main site and one remote site used solely for DR.  

The two sites are connected via a VPN over the public internet.

Two DCs reside in the first site and one DC resides in the second site.
All DCs are 2003 SP2 with R2 extensions applied to the schema.

My question is this:
Under my Inter-site Transports i have two IP site links
The first one is the defaultsite link and it includes both my default site and my DR site - cost 100
The second one is my DR site link and it also contains both sites - cost 125

Should I remove the DR site from my defualtsite link or should i leave it as it is?
I'm assuming that one link should only be resonsible for replicatng my two local DCs while the other link should be resonsible for linking my local DCs to my remote.

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aissimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are correct javajo - only one site link is necessary in your situation (even with more than two sites, only one site link is preferred more often than not).

You can leave the default one in place, use the new one, or rename the default and configure. By default I think the schedule will be 180 minutes - that would be the only setting worth configuring depending on your needs.

The 2 DCs at your main site will replicate with each other regardless of your site link configuration - so the one site link you leave in place will be solely responsible for replication between HQ and branch...
I would just leave it.
javajoAuthor Commented:
if I only have two sites, do i even need the default site link anymore if i created a new one?
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javajoAuthor Commented:
Anyone care to answer?

Do you need to create two site links (the default and the new one) for only two sites?
I would think that you can delete the default and simply have one site link.  
Or rename the default and reconfigure.  In either case, you should only need one as the entiire job of site-links is to let AD know how and when to transfer AD info between sites.
(personally, I usually just rename the default site link & configure)
javajoAuthor Commented:
Thank u Aissim!

Makes sense
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