Network Problems

What are good free-ware or evaluation ware software is out there that will help me diagnose a network problem.  Here is the situation:

We have 3 VMWare hosts that lose connectivity simultaneously to the default gateway once every 2 weeks for about 2-3 minutes.  If VMWare's high availablity feature is engaged, this causes all the virtual machines to go down and not be migrated to other hosts because each VMWare host thinks that its isolated on the network.

Unfortunately I am not the network admin, so I do not have the login information to simply take a look at the switch logs and see what is going on.   I would like to attach some type of network monitoring device on the network before the next iteration of this network outage event occurs so I can describe to the network admin what is going on his network.  

Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated!
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Try these :

BUT probably you might me trying to do someone elses job and they might not be too happy about it.

:) Good luck mate.

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mihalakjAuthor Commented:
yes, unfortunately that is the case, but I must prove what is going on before action is taken.  Don't you just love office politics?
mihalakjAuthor Commented:
The host monitor on this tool appears to be what I need.  Thanks!
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