Not able to Future Cop L.A.P.D.

I installed a game named Future Cop L.A.P.D. The game installed on my computer successfully
but when I hit the start button I see the black screen with sound-fx.
The game need not any graphic card.Its' is very old game.
so please tell me what the heck the problem is?

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Could you give me the specifications of the game? :)

Something you could try in the meanwhile:

Right click on the .exe file
Go to properties
go to the compatibility tab
tick the box and choose "Windows 98"
Then press OK

Try to run the game after that.
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Of course I can you specification of the game.

Future Cop: L.A.P.D.
1. Installing the game using Autorun
a) Installing Future Cop
b) Hard drive space required for installation
c) If your "Autorun" feature is disabled
2. New options on Install screen after install
3. Direct X
a) Installing DirectX directly from CD (if you skipped it during game install)
b) DirectX 6.0 and supported hardware
4. Uninstalling Future Cop
5. Memory requirements
a) Memory requirements in Windows 95
b) Running the game under stressful Windows 95 conditions

Open in new window

I'm affraid this is not the full readme.
Could you attach the file to the post indead of copy -> Pasting it?

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vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Yes Of course Bro :)

I tried what you told me it did not run.This time I did not see the anything. LOL
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
However I don't know  I have directX installed on my computer or not.
Did you try changing it to Windows 95 aswell?
As i didn't know the exact specifications i made a wild guess towards Windows 98.
If I read the readme it says its ment for 95 so try it ;)

If you want to find out if you have DirectX installed, do the following:

Go to Start
Click Run
Type in: "dxdiag"
let the loading (in the bottom left) finish
then in the bottom right theres a button: "Save Information to file"
Save it to a file and attach it to the next reply.
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Yea I tried All Man.

vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Man this game is cool no doubt about it but I am not able to play.
When I start the game I see black screen with sound and music.
I can do movements(fire,jump) but see only black screen.
I even can listen to  the sound of bullets but can't play. Sad

<<  DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904) >>

Thats the directX version you have installed.
However i saw something else in the DxDiag that's not supposed to be there ;)

<< Display Tab 1: The system is using the generic video driver.  Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer. Direct3D functionality not available.  You should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer. >>

you might want to download and install the newest video drivers from your hardware manufacturer.

Hope this helps :)
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Please make this little more clear.
How many things I have to download.?
Please name those things.
I am little dump LOL
What video card do you have? I'll give you links to the apropriate downloads :)
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The issue here is that Future Cop LAPD was written for the old 3DFX graphics card system which has since been made obsolete by DirectX and the modern 3D GPU chipsets.

Because DirectX is now the industry standard Windows is no longer supplied with native 3DFX support.  As a result once you launch a 3DFX card game you'll get about as far as the menu and then ... nothing   ... black screen as Windows has no idea how to handle the display requests.

Depending on the system used to code the game you either need an emulator to run in XP and play the game within that or you need software to allow the 3DFX instructions to be interpreted by Windows.

In the case of Future Cop LAPD this can be done with code alone.

Firstly you need your graphics card to support another older standard - OpenGL
Again this is no longer natively supported by Windows so Microsofts graphics card drivers will be no help.  You need to go to your card manufacturer and download their own drivers which should include OpenGL support (ATi and nVidia include this automatically in their Catalyst/Forceware packages).

Once you have OpenGL the next stage is to install a miniGL driver which allows 3DFX to be understood first by OpenGL and then Windows. This is called a Glide Wrapper and the best of the best is Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper available for download from his site here:

With that on board, reboot and you should be able to enjoy your game.  If not there are enough "retro" gamers on this site to point you through the last few stages.

BTW for games like this although Win95 was what they were written for, often Windows 2000 emulation mode in XP is the more stable emulation mode.

vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Great Man. !!

you got my problem.

System specification:

core 2 due 1.8gh
1gb ram
jetways  motherboard.

so please give me the download link.
We'll need to know the Graphics Card. An Example is: "Asus VGA A9250/TD/128M (AGP)"
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
I don't know how to find out which graphic card  I have.
I shop-keeper from which I bought my pc did not give me the driver cd Man.
I am totally confused how to get the name of the graphic card.
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
could this be drivers' name?

Run another DxDiag, but instead of saving the file go to the third tab from the left.
I think its called Display. Then look what it says at the Device category under: "Name"
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Name : n/a
Manufacturer : n/a
Chip type : n/a
Dac type : n/a

LOL , Becuase I did  not install the drivers and becuase I don't have cd.
Another try to get to know the video card :)

Go to that link and install SiSoft Sandra.
Once installed start the software
Open the Hardware Tab
Double click on "Displays and Display Adapters"
Let it scan and use the hotkey: "CTRL + C" or go to the bottom left of that window and click on "Copy to Clipboard"
Then paste that information to a .txt file and attach it to the next reply :)
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
I think my driver manufacturer name is jetway and it has pci express support.
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Yes sir :)

I gonna install it.
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
here it is :P
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
I think(but not sure) I have this system :

- Intel Core 2 Duo / Core Solo FSB667 Mobile processor
- Intel 945GM + ICH7M
- 2 * 240-pin DIMM unbuffered DDR2 667 SDRAM Dual Channel up to 2 GB
- 1 * 32-bit PCI Slot / 1 * PCI 120-Pin Adapter Conn.
- 2 * Ultra DMA 100 IDE HDs / 2 * SATA2
- Dual Realtek RTL8111B 10 / 100 / 1000 PCI-E LAN
- USB2.0 / HDMI / DVI / D-sub / LVDS / HDTV / IrDA / IEEE1394
- Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
- Realtek ALC888 6-Channel Audio CODEC
- ACPI S3 Compliant ,supports power saving mode
- Onboard 18-bit dual channel LVDS connector
- 6 PCB Layer

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vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Yes I will try it bro.
I will catch you after six hours.
thanks you for helping me constantly.
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
O.K. I installed it
now what next?
I did not get it whether it is openGL or not.

vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
Done :D
work like a heaven.
Game is running fine.
I downloaded the same driver from jetway's site but you did the same great job with your valuable time.
However my problem has been solved but I need to know about what the heck is mean of these message:
<<Once you have OpenGL the next stage is to install a miniGL driver which allows 3DFX to be understood first by OpenGL and then Windows. This is called a Glide Wrapper and the best of the best is Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper available for download from his site here:>>

please clearify this.

thanks a lot :D :D :D
best regards
Vegeta ( DragonBall Z)
As MASQERAID stated before, You'll need a program that will make sure that Windows knows how to handle the old game.

there's a direct link to the download.
Its an explaination of how to make windows understand a certain thing called 3DFX which is an old code for graphics.
The link takes you to a site where you can download a program that will make windows understand the 3DFX Code.

I'm glad that your game is finally running :)

Have a great time playing it,
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
This Buddies you are such a great gamers.
vegetasharmaAuthor Commented:
<<This buddies You are such a great gamers.>>
<<(X)This(x)> sorry I mistyped.
that was "Thanks" :)
Future Cop L.A.P.D. is old but great game.I recommend you to play the game.
As you know we can play the game on-line as a multi-player mode.
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