How do I test if bit 128 is set? in vb

I would like a function that tell me if bit 128 is set in any number that I pass to the function, in vb not sure how.
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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Hmm that is hard to read.
Here is a function
Function Bit8(l As Long) As Boolean
    If l And 128 Then
        Bit8 = True
    End If
End Function

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try this:
dim CRC as bytedim CRCDATA as bytedim CRCbit0 as bytedim CRCDATAbit0 as bytedim I as bytedim TestBit as byteCRC=0CRCDATA=40  'inputFor I = 0 to 7 ' Do for all 8 bits in data byte  CRCBit0 = Bitwise.BitAnd( CRC, &b1 )  CRCDATAbit0=Bitwise.BitAnd( CRCDATA, &b1 )  TestBit = Bitwise.BitXor( CRCBit0, CRCDataBit0 )' XOR bit0 of data byte and crc  CRCData = Bitwise.ShiftRight( CRCData, 1 ) ' Position data byte for next bit test  If TestBit = 0  then goto Shift ' If test bit not set, just shift CRC  CRC = Bitwise.BitXor( CRC, 24 ) ' If set, account for EXOR feedback $18=24dec  Shift: ' Shift right the CRC byte  CRC = Bitwise.ShiftRight( CRC, 1 ) ' CRC bit 0 to bit bucket  if TestBit=1 then    CRC = Bitwise.BitOr( CRC,128)  END IFNext I Test bit rotates into CRC bit 7Next I

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PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned that it is for use in an sql query grid, not sure if access 2007 will allow it.
Do you mean bit 128 or the bit for value 128 (i.e. bit 8)

if l AND 128 then
 bit8 = true
end if
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