HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon Failed

IIS Experts,

I need to run IIS 5 on a Windows XP Pro workstation.  I've installed IIS (I went the route of downloading the Windows XP with SP2 executable from Microsoft's site and using the /integrate flag since the workstation is in a remote location).  

When I attempt to view a simple HTML file in wwwroot by visiting http://localhost, I receive the errors "You are not authorized to view this page" and "HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized:  Logon Failed".  

This workstation's computer account was sitting in an OU that restricted the installation of IIS via a Group Policy Object setting.  I've moved the computer account into an OU without any GPOs attached and ran "gpupdate /force" to refresh the list of policies that apply to the machine.  I then installed IIS using a local admin account.  

When I viewed the NTFS permissions on the wwwroot folder after I saw the error message originally, I saw several "Deny" entries for accounts, including a deny write entry for the IUSR account.  I removed the deny entries and propaged the permissions down but still receive the HTTP 401.1 error message.

Any suggestions?
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1) try resetting the password on the IUSR account, then enter that same password under the IIS security->anonymous config,
2) try changing the anonymous user under IIS manager for that web site to some known user (e.f. admin account)


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snoopfroggAuthor Commented:
I tried option 1 and it worked!  

When I went back and checked the "Allow IIS to control password" checkbox, though, I received the "You are not authorized to view this page.  HTTP 401.1" errors again.  What are the security implications of my leaving this as a static password?  Since this machine isn't publicly exposed, I think this is a risk that's acceptable.
There is no great security concern for leaving it static.  The synchronise function is one of convenience rather than any kind of black magic or security feature.

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