"IBM Access connections" does not work

I have an IBM ThinkPad T42 running the MS XP OS. I generally use "IBM access connections" to modify and monitor my wireless network, but of late it wont work. Basically nothing happens when i double-click the icon. I dont know what is going on ? anyone please help ...
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Well, it might be that you can update the driver.  To do that,

- Goto Lenovo.com (http://www.lenovo.com)
- Select your country/region (e.g., United States)
- Select "Downloads & Drivers" under "Support"
- Select "Notebooks and handhelds" under Brand
- Select "ThinkPad T42" under Family
- If you look under the your ThinkPad, you can
  locate your Type and Model numbers
- Enter them, and your Operating System information

  If this does look to be of any help, you might try using the
"Support & downloads" for "IBM Access Connections", which
I found at:


I found this by:
- Going to Lenovo.com
- Searching for "IBM Access Connections" in the search input field at the top of the page,
- Selecting the "Lenovo - Technologies - ThinkVantage Technologies, Access IBM " link
- Selecting the "Overview - Thinkvantage Access Connections "

 From there, you can use the "download" link to retrieve the code.

I would suggest that you reinstall it.

Good luck
I disagree.  I believe that the information that was provided solves the question/problem that was asked/described.
oops.  Left off the octothorpe.  Sorry.

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