How do I find my "LDAP configuration options"?

I am being asked a the following question by a consultant that is going to be installing some database software for us.  I do not normally administer our domain controllers or Exchange, so I am not sure where to find the information he is requesting.  Our domain controller is running Windows Server 2003 SBS.

"Also, to prepare for the installation, could you provide your LDAP configuration options?  Some of the options include the following:
      - LDAP URL
      - LDAP DN Prefix
      - LDAP DN Suffix"

Any help would be appreciated.  I need to provide this info ASAP, but our regular administrator is unavailable right now.
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vishal_impactConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your ldap will be something like abc-dc01.yourdomain.local
If you have access to your domain controller you can go into start menu and right click on my computer click properties and then select computer name where you will be able to see full computer name (ldap name)

The Ldap is the Light weight directory protocol and the address for it should be basically where you have your active directory.
Your active direcory can either be on you domain controller .
so ldap url will be your active directory url
                                     active directory prefix
                                        active directory sufix
I_play_with_DNAAuthor Commented:

Hi, thanks for the comment.

Can you provide an example?

Also, is there somewhere in the ADUC that I can view the configuration info in case during the install they have further questions?
Sorry forgot to mention
the ldap prefix will be your domain controller name (without domain )
      ldap sufix will be you domain name usually followed by .local you will get this as well on my above mentioned place
I rec this is the easy way to get details.
Thanks for the points and let me know if you need any further help
Pleasure working on this issue
Cheers have a goodday
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