OS 9 Classic mode will not print

I have a G5 with OS 10.3.9 using Pagemaker 7 in Classic mode with OS 9.2 that all of a sudden quit printing.

We have several Xerox and an HP Printer.  Pagemaker will submit the job and then it never shows the print queue that the print job is going through.

I also have an old version of photoshop that will not print either so i do not think it is limited to a pagemaker problem.

I have another identical system that will print.  I say identical because when I purchased it i mirrored the current system over it so they would be the same.

I'm not sure where to start.


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danomaticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you have another similar system that will print, go into that system in a classic app like Pagemaker, go to the apple menu and go to "chooser".  Take a look at all the print settings there and then do the same on the system that won't print.  Do the settings look similar?

You could also try booting into 9.2 directly (by selecting that system as the startup disk from OS X system prefs.) and see if you can print while booted just into 9.2

As an aside, I would also try to urge you to eventually migrate everything to OS X someday if possible.

Can you print out of Text Editor in Classic to those printers?

if not, I would start by reinstalling the printer definition files on Classic.  Also, can you print to those printers out of 10.3.9?  If not, there may be more of a systemic issue.
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