Using an SSL VPN with Microsoft Exchange Push Mail

Hi I have an Exchange / VPN /SSL issues I'm struggling to resolve.

Currently I have a SBS 2003 R2 server with Exchange SP2 (one network card connected) on it. I've got my ISP to set me up a subdomain and point it to my outward facing IP address. Then I've setup my SBS server to use this DNS for using with Direct Push this all worked fine after I port forward using my hardware firewall all 443 traffic to the SBS server IP address.

But the issue I have is I also have an hosted SSL VPN service which requires a VPN connector setup. I decided to try placing this connector on the SBS as it also requires port 443 traffic.

But as soon as I enable the connector it appears to take over all port 443 traffic therefore my push mail service stops working. So what I would like to try and do is either somehow spilt the 443 traffic between 2 machines (I'd move the connector to another network server) using my firewall or somehow change the port used for one of the 2 services.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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One simple solution that may be available if you have two external IP addresses available would be to bind each SSL to a different IP. Another, but more complex method, would be to use host headers to route the traffic through ISA. This would be considerably more complex to get going depending on configurations and what's available.
swwellsAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for your help, but I've managed to get the issue resolved by getting my Host VPN provider to change the port uses for the SSL connection so the two services no longer conflict.

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