Windows 2000 and Dell PowerEdge 2550 Server

Is there ANY way to install windows 2000 on a Dell PowerEdge 2550 Raid5?  I can get Windows Server 2000 to install, but can not get straight Windows 2000 to install.  Is there a work-around for this or is it simply not possible?  When I try to boot with the CD in, I get the Stop error - no Hardware Device Found.
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Have you tried using the Server install CD to assist the installation?  

Without the Perc drivers (which get installed to a utility partition during assited install) you'll have a tough time.

The perc drivers are the key.  the dell server assist cd is probably your only hope, unless you have a floppy drive on the server in which case copy the perc drivers to floppy and select to add them when your loading the OS.


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You might go dell site to download all drivers:

Use nLite to create slipstream 2000 CD which have all drivers and try install again.
acummutaAuthor Commented:
I am VERY new at this (learning ALL hands on).  NEVER worked with a RAID5 server before, but your response made the most sense.  A better idea of what the per drivers do would help.  I appreciate your time, though.
The perc drivers are for the hard drives.  Similar to ide\sata drivers.  there are so many different drivers for different servers that they are not included on windows cd's as standard.  All they do is allow windows setup to see the scsi hard drives - just to see them.  same applies if the drives are raid or not.
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