Question about raising functional levels

I am currently at 2000 mixed for domain and forest which I believe are the defaults.  This domain was setup before I was here.  I would like to raise the functional level but wanted to confirm that I am thinking about this right.

We have 3 sites with a domain controller in each it's a single domain forest.  One site is the hub. The DC at the hub actually maintains all of the FSMO roles.  So what role actually controlls raising these functional levels?  PDC emulator?  So I should just raise the functional level for both forest and domain only on the DC holding the FSMO roles and it will replicate all changes to the other DC's?
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yep, just on the FSMO.

Remember not to have any NT or 95, etc. machine knocking about.
oh and make sure you resolve/investigate any issues about network connectivity to the other servers that forestprep, etc. flag up.  
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

It does not matter on which domain controller you raise domain functional level, although PDC emulator is always the best choice for this type of operations. The use Active Directory Sites and Services or Replication monitor to force replication and verify that change is replicated to all domain controllers. I believe that PDC emulator from forest root domain is the best choice for raising forest functional level. Force or wait for replication to occur automatically.

More information in the following KB article:
"How to raise domain and forest functional levels in Windows Server 2003"



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Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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If all domain controllers are Windows 2003 and you don't have any NT4 or windows 2000 domain controllers you can safely raise both the forest and domain levels to 2003 native. The domain can be raised with AD users and computers, the Forest can be raised with AD domain and trusts. Both/either can be run from any DC.
Right click on the domain, select raise functional level, select what you want, then hit raise, For Forests highlight the AD domains and trusts, right click, select raise forest ... select level, hit raise..

If your domain controller on sites are additional domain controllers, then the above solution would work.
Do you have any child domain controllers?  If yes, then we need to analyze of that part too.
instaITAuthor Commented:
There are 3 domain controllers.  All running 2003 SP1 not R2 yet.  The DC in hub site owns all FSMO roles.  There are no child domains.  Luckily this company is only 3 years old so we have no legacy type stuff in any environment.  There will never be anything less than XP or server 2k3; therefore my choice to upgrade the functional level to take advantage of the replication enhancements and AD attributes.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You should raise the domain functional level first - child domains first, on each domain in turn - does not matter which first if they are at the same level-. Give it all time to replicate the info then raise the forest level.  BTW it does not amtter if you have legacy machines - so long as they are not domain controllers
Sounds like you are good to go.
I do not foresee any problems in raising the domain level.
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