Script to log computer that are left on/logged in

I am looking for some sort of a script that I can set to run on a schedule, that will create a text file or email listing all the computers that are left on on our network.  
We are trying to get people to turn their computers off at the end of their shift to save energy costs and unnecessary wear and tear on the pc's.  It also helps to ensure that users have the latest versions of software and such.
I have a batch file that I can run that will shut all the computers down at a certain time, but then unsaved info is lost. We would really like to monitor the people that arent following the rules...

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Hi rbunn,

Check out nbtscan here -->  You can plug in a subnet range to scan and redirect the output to a text file.  It will give you IP and netbios names of the machines it can connect to.
Actually, I think this is the link you need -->

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rbunnAuthor Commented:
That is perfect!  Thanks
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