Cant Detect DVD drive in BIOS

I just had to put a new motherboard in my computer and when I got it in I couldn't reformat it, because BIOS is not detecting the DVD drive now. I have tried new data cables, I have put new drives in it. I think there is some setting in BIOS that I do not have right? If someome could point me in the right direction give me a few suggestions that would be great, thanks. (IDE NOT SATA)
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Seems your new mobo is faulty. Have you tried:
- reset bios by removing the coin shape battery onboard?
- change cable
- setting jumper correct (master or slave)
- check see if any bent or damage pins at connector on board?
Why did you have to change the mobo?  Did it fry?  Was there a power surge, lightning strike, etc.?
It might have taken your DVD drive along with it.

Does your DVD drive light, light up when you power on the system?
What BIOS is it?
Ensure that IDE drive detection is set to AUTO in BIOS.
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tmroenickeAuthor Commented:
I had to replace the MB because the last one fired.

Yes the light on the DVD drive does light up I can hear it spin when the computer starts.

I reset the BIOS by pulling the battery

No Pins are bent that  I can see on the board or on the drive.

Aside from checking willcomp's suggestion, can you test the DVD drive on another computer?
Is the HD detected in the BIOS?

Is the DVD on IDE 2 or on the same cable (IDE 1) as the HD?

What is the jumper set for on the DVD drive? (Master, Slave or Cable Select)
tmroenickeAuthor Commented:
I have not tried to hook it up to another computer no. but have tried different drives.

Yes the same IDE cable runs both to the DVD and HD and the HD is detected

the jumper on DVD is set to Master
You should either set the HD to master and the DVD to slave
Put the HD on IDE1 and set to Master
Put the DVD on IDE2 and set to Master

Neither should be on Cable Select (CS)

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What brand of HDD do you have? Some hdd require you to tell it there is a slave on the channel, ie WD Hard Drives.

On some older mobo's it's better to first startup without Sata disk. Then dvd is seen and settled. Thereafter boot again and record sata in enhanced mode in bios.
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