Convert KB to GB

Please convert the following KB to GB:

1) 4,509,578 KB
2) 6,817,175 KB
3)    722,922 KB

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4,509,578 KB = 4.30066872 GB
6,817,175 KB = 6.50136471 GB
722,922 KB    = 0.689432144 GB

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Google can do this easily, just search for eg '722,922 KB in GB':

4 509 578 kilobytes = 4.30066872 gigabytes
6 817 175 kilobytes = 6.50136471 gigabytes
722 922 kilobytes = 0.689432144 gigabytes
1) 4.30067 GB
2) 6.50136 GB
3) 0.68943 GB

Damn it!

Just as a side note, all numbering in computers (when you go low enough) is binary... there are 8 bits in a byte, and from then on the steps are by 1024.

1KB = 1024B
1MB = 1024KB
1GB = 1024MB
1TB = 1024GB

Thus, 1TB of data is 1024GB, or 1048576 MB, or 1073741824 KB, or 1099511627776 B, or 8796093022208 bits.  (1 * 1024 * 1024 etc)
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