Citrix Web Application prompting for windows login after signing on to WI

Hi All,

I am running Citrix 4.5 FP1 on Windows 2003 R2 servers.  I also have a CAG 4.5.6 with AAC and a WI.

I have published several web apps, but one is giving me a problem.

When I try to run my published web app for Cognos7 (running on a Windows 2000 server), I authenticate fine, get the login script but am then prompted for a windows login from the Cognos7 server.  I have several web apps (cognos8, crm app) that do not do this.

If I run Cognos7 webapp directly from the citrix presentation server it works fine without prompting for windows login.  

On the Cognos7 2000 box, integrated windows authenication is checked.  This is set the same on my cognos8 server (running on 2003) which does not have this issue.

I have tried launcing the webapp from the CAG as well as the WI (4.6) and have the same prompting.

I would like to not be prompted to logon to windows before being granted access to the web app.

I hope I have included enough detail here.  Thanks everyone.

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toomanyserversConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
for what its worth, I suspect its a windows 2000/IIS thing.  I made a group policy to add to local intranet
toomanyserversAuthor Commented:
FYI - Same thing (as probably expected) with PNA and PN.  However this will only be accessed by WI.

toomanyserversAuthor Commented:
Ok I don't know if this along the right track, but if I had that site as a local intranet site, I am not prompted.  However, I need to do this for all users.  

I saw this KB article

I tried adding the keys to HKLM, and it made things worse.  
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