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I've got a WAP that's gone missing on a network I'm not in close geographical proximity to.  

Is there a command line utility or software to scan the LAN for MAC addresses without getting into layer 3?  My goal would be to return a list of MAC addresses and then use those to identify the WAP by the manufacturer code.

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You can use a utility like "Angry IP Scanner" available for download here:

this will do if you are still on lan
The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a handy little networking utility that you can use to find the MAC address of another computer on your network. Before you can communicate with another computer on the network, the computer name must be resolved to an IP address. Then the IP address must be resolved to the MAC address or physical address. This is done using ARP. Your computer will keep a physical address translation table.

If you want to determine the MAC address of another computer, simply ping the computer by opening the command prompt and typing ping followed by the IP address assigned to the remote computer. Since the IP address has to be resolved to the MAC address, an entry will be added to you physical address translation table. At the command prompt type arp -a. The results will display the IP address and the MAC address of the remote computer.

If you go to the core and use the command "show mac-address table " or you can type in the exact mac-addres it should tell you what port you are on - You might find that it is known on a trunk port in wich case you need to go on the switch on the other end. You might need to go down a few layers till you get to the actuall switch where the device is located

Sloarwinds also has a nice mac-address scan tool
try this 

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ttist25Author Commented:
I think the common issue with all of these solutions is that they require an IP.  I'm trying to find something that can scan on layer 2.
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