Sbcglobal and Pacbell family of mail servers blocking a domain

We have a few domains that are unable to send email to and

When users try to send a message the get the following:

The following recipient(s) could not be reached: on 2/4/2008 10:31 AM
            You do not have permission to send to this recipient.  For assistance, contact your system administrator.
            < local mail server #5.7.1 SMTP; 550 5.7.1 <>... Access denied>

1.  This is happening for multiple domains for different clients.  
2.  We have reviewed all of the domains and none are listed on a blacklist.
3.  Even though we knew it wasn't an issue of their IP being blocked or refused we setup a smarthost and we got the same result.
4.  When you telnet into one of the or mail servers and attempt to send an email you get an access denied error message as soon as you submit the "mail" command.

It appears to us that they are blocking particular domains because we can do this from any IP block and we get the same result.  We have attempted to contact sbc but their support is a black hole as I'm sure most of you know, 4 hours of hold and transfers to get sent to the "if you would like to subscribe to DSL server please hold" line.  If anyone has any suggestions please let us know.

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Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
Not a lot you can do other than email them and request the domain to be removed from black list.

This sounds like you may have had a possable spam issue with your server, and it would be a good time to check all your server for security holes like Relaying on the SMTP connector is disabled etc.
occtechgrpAuthor Commented:
The servers that this is happening on are locked down externally to a third party filtering service so it's not possible that someone is relaying through it externally.
Internally there does not appear to be any indication of a compromised machine or anything blasting mail out.
What we are mainly after is an avenue that we can use to get these domains removed from the blocking.
occtechgrpAuthor Commented:
No one has any ideas?  Even an email address that we could get the process moving forward.  We are seeing this on multiple mail servers on different IP blocks hosting different domains.
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We are in the same boat.  When did this start for you.  It's been about two weeks for us.  They recommended to send an email to  
We've sent multiple request to and every time they come back with a message saying we are not blocked.  

Our error message: < #5.3.0 smtp;553 5.3.0 flpi190,DNSBL:521< >_is_blocked.__For_information_see:>

I changed to IP to

Bounce message just changed:

< #5.3.0 smtp;553 5.3.0 nlpi030,DNSBL:521 ATTRBL To request removal of,, send the complete error message in an E-mail to>

Looks like the right email address is above.  Changed IP and server name again....
occtechgrpAuthor Commented:
We were blocked at multiple sites on multiple levels, it was something that was a result from the webhost/web developer that was common between the sites.  We tried all the remove email addresses and contacted SBC many many times, I think about 10-15 hours was spent going no where.  They finally removed the sites after legal action was started by the webhost.

I hope it's not the same thing you are going through because it was a big time suck for us and there was nothing that we could do.

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Not sure if this is helpful, but I submitted a request via this website: 

I just did this today so I can't say if it will help or not, but it's better than trying to call tech support and may just produce a response.
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