How can I clear messages out of the Out queue?

We have been experiencing a lot of Deferred messages in our Out queue on our Barracuda SPAM Firewall 200.  I have had to call support twice recently and all they are really doing is clearing out the messages.  Is there a way I can do this myself?  I don't see it anywhere in the GUI...?
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Hi ParadiseITS,

All Barracuda appliances are set to delete non-deliverable messages after 48 hours.

It's done on a first in, first out basis, so your message queues should auto-fix themselves.

Have a look and see the age of the oldest email, if it's more than 48 hours old let me know


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ParadiseITSAuthor Commented:
I know, thanks for the suggestion.  I was hoping I could do what the Barracuda techs do when I call to complain that there are 10,000 messages in my Out queue and they have to clear it.
You really shouldn't have that many bounce backs sitting in your outgoing queue anyway.

Are they all coming from one ip address ?

I know that there was a firmware issue a while back that could cause this kind of problem, but it does point to a set up issue if you are getting that many.

Can you supply the outgoing log for me to have a look at ?

Thanks for the points, but I'm not convinced this one is fixed as you shouldn't have that many bounce backs

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ParadiseITSAuthor Commented:
I thought I'd throw the points your way -- you made the effort.  I am not convinced it is fixed per se, however I made some adjustments on my Exchange server (moved the transaction queue and logs to a bigger drive) and it seems much better today.  

My biggest issue is that I find Barracuda's support, how shall I put it nicely, not so good.  They seem to know their products well enough, but get into a conversation about SMTP and how the Barracuda interacts w/DNS and Exchange and they seem to fall into "the barracuda looks fine" mantra, when it clearly is not.  I was trying to circumvent having to call them for something as trivial as clearing out messages that are holding up legit email... just seems like I should be able to delete messages in the queue at will... but cannot.

My outgoing queue is currently fine (less than 10 at any given time).  Thanks!

I see what you're saying, and personally I agree.

Basically from I can remember, it's a hardened linux os so the usual command line commands will work, the trick is logging onto the box, normally through SSH and the finding the queue and deleting them from a command line prompt.

Some firms put a prefix to the support password, normally the logon password, but it's required to elevate to root.

The way I have got round this in the past when dealing with various support firms is to use Webex and let them SSH to the box through my webex and record the webex so i can replicate the command lines that they use.

Might be worth a try ?

ParadiseITSAuthor Commented:
Ha, good idea!

But Barracuda has a built in support link in the box that opens a secure tunnel (probably SSH) with the tech and you can't see what they are doing at all.
Can't you block SSH with the corporate firewall ?

This then means that they have to WebEx onto your local machine and network before they can do anything ?

Just an idea

Here's a secret Barracuda admin function:

1) Click on the ADVANCED tab
2) Add &expert=1 to the end of the URL in your browser and hit enter

You'll notice extra administrative functions added to the management console.
Specifically related to this thread, there's a highlighted 'Expert Variables' under the ADVANCED menu.  In there, you can adjust the message lifetime from 48 hours to anything you want.

Hope this helps many!

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