Open Recordset in a Recordset

hello ee,

My problem is i have an update form that shoots the records informatiion to the form and makes it editable. Everything works fine now. On my add form i have dropboxes available. How can i make those dropdown boxes available on my update form even though i have a recordset open to fill in the update form?

<!-- #include file="../header.asp" -->
<!-- #include file="../connect.asp" -->
Recordset.Open strSQL, Connection
strSQL = "Select Last_Name, First_Name, Location, Description, Other from Main Where ID = '" & varID & "';"
strSQL = strSQL & "Select Location from Location;"
<input type=text name="lname" size='20' maxlength='20' value='<%=Trim(Server.HTMLEncode(Recordset("Patient_LName")))%>'/>
<input type=text name="fname" size='20' maxlength='20' value='<%=Trim(Server.HTMLEncode(Recordset("Patient_LName")))%>'/>
set Recordset = Recordset.NextRecordset
<select name='location' ID="Select3">
 Do While not Recordset.EOF
  Response.Write("<option>" & Recordset("Location") & "</option>")
<input type=text name="description" size='20' maxlength='20' value='<%=Trim(Server.HTMLEncode(Recordset("Description")))%>'/>
<input type=text name="other" size='20' maxlength='20' value='<%=Trim(Server.HTMLEncode(Recordset("Other")))%>'/>
<!-- #include file="../disconnect.asp" -->
<!-- #include file="../footer.asp" -->

Then spit out something like this

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ellandrdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
simply create a new recordset object, you can re-use the connection, but create a new recordset object with a new name, and you will be able to make a second query to the database at the same time.. hope that makes sense, but if not, just ask and I'll provide assistance where I can.

- ellandrd
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
makes sense & easy.. let me try it out real quick
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
ellandrd, thanks works great now. gj
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
quick & efficient
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