Returns to logon screen after attempted logon

New installation of Windows XP Prp, with SP2 and all patches, is connected to domain.  When logging in locally appears to begin creating profile, then returns to logon screen.  When logging into domain, begins "Loading your personal settings", then goesquickly through "Logging off"  to "Closing network conections" , and finally "Savings your settings" before returning to logon screen.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Dave_ANDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have seen this before, And after lots of hacks, fixes, and trys, i ended up repairing the XP install, and it was never a problem again.
On a domain, this indicates a corrupted local/roaming profile.
Delete the locally cached profile - then attempt logon again. If the same issue occurs - backup any data in the user profile, and delete it out of AD, and create a new profile...
estone052060Author Commented:
Dave:  I've thought about doing a repair. just thought there might be a slightly simpler solution.  That may be the direction I go.  Or just re-image it........

and235100:  I don't think it's a domain issue, it happens when I attempt a local logon as well.  I can't even get to the desktop to delete the profile anyway, so I may just repair the install.  I've tried every possible Safe Mode to no avail.  Looks lie a repair is the easiest asnwer!

Thank you both for your input.

Forced accept.

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