Need to sort a JTable column correctly in Java 1.6. So that "2" comes before "16" when I sort the column in ascending order.

Need to be able to sort a JTable column correctly in Java 1.6.  For example so that "2" comes before "16" when I sort the column in ascending order.

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have a look at this url

there there will be a implementation class for comparator called as ColumnSorter modify that class so that it compares the values as integers and not string. that way you will get 2 before 16

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gdkinney_2Author Commented:
Actually I need to sort my rows in a JTable when a user clicks on the heading for a column in my JTable.  So all rows will be sorted (ascending or descending) based on the data in the clicked column.
can you post the code soit will be easy for me to point out where to change
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>>For example so that "2" comes before "16" when I sort the column in ascending order

if the values are integer/numeric pass them as approprite object type rather String. for e.g., if it is integer, new Integer( 2 ) instead of "2"!
also make sure the column class returned appropriately by the model. for e.g., for int, return Integer.class
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