Data Recovery from G4

I've got a Power Mac G4 that I'm trying to recover some data from.  Usually if it was a windows OS there wouldn't be a problem, but i've had issues in the past when trying to put a Mac hard drive as a secondary drive on an xp machine.  Is there another way I can go about doing this?
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is your best alternative - 7 day free trial of MacDrive, a commercial product which will let you read a Mac drive from a PC:
Take a look at this product ....fairly intuitive...
Might get a kick out of this...
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that's an oldie but a goodie :)
There is something you can do, use a Ubuntu boot disk as this can read/write to both disks.  It may have trouble with some permissions if the G4 disk was OS X though.

Make sure you get version 7.10 -- as previous versions can only read NTFS partitions and not write to them.  When you boot up the CD choose the "Install and Run" option, using this you don't have to actually install Ubuntu and it will boot into sort of minimal-run mode -- but this should be good enough for copying data from the G4 formatted HD to the Windows HD.
Well, from another vantage why put the drive in an Xp machine at all and have to mess with crossover utilities. Since you have a powermac that means you surely have room for another drive. Just slave the old drive to a new one and copy away. Was this your boot drive?
accjAuthor Commented:
I'm downloading Ubuntu as we speak, I'm going to try that out.  Normally I would just put it on the G4 as a secondary drive, but the power supply or the mainboard on it has gone out.
Here are some other suggestions: 

(scroll down to the discussions in the second link).
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