Cannot add a task in Outlook 2003

I submitted this question yesterday and did find a solution by creating another Task folder. Well today the user is receving the same error on the New Task folder. My orginal question is below. Any other help with this is greatly appreciated. thanks

This is the full error message that i get. in Outlook 2003

Please save the tak order by clicking save task order on the Actions menu in the "Tasks" folder. The view must not be filtered or grouped for Save Task Order to be available. could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid.

I have searched on EE and foud some different solutions. None of them worked.
outlook /cleanfreebusy
outlook /cleanreminders
I have tried Save Task Order which also did not work.
I have tried all of those. I also found the microsoft article where it said to run exchang32.exe. I can not find this? is there a place to download this exe? do i really need it? I have tried searching on our exchange server for this exe and cannot find it either?

I have not tried creating the persons profile from scratch by using the mail and prompt for a profile to be used. Would this help? or would that just recreate the problem since his mailbox is on the exchange server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time.

I also attached the error that i recevie. This person also has some archived tasks. would that also cause a problem?

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ccahelpdeskConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help. I did find a solution. I had to delete the users mailbox from the exchange server and create a new one. Then i had to delete the mail profile on his local PC and add him again. That was the only way i could get the error to go away. thanks.
Karen FalandaysConnect With a Mentor Training SpecialistCommented:
DId you try to reset the views manually? Go to View menu, customize views (sorry I don't have 2003 in front of me) and manually reset each of the task views by clicking the RESET button where it is not greyed out
ccahelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Sorry I am not sure were the reset button would be? I did try to find it. I have Tools-customize and reset menu and toolbar useage? Although nothing is grayed out. when i start to put in a task and say click out of it to go to something else is when i recevie the error. thanks for your time.
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