I am using WAMP which just crashed, it's showing weird language and nothing works.

I was using wamp5 which was working fine and then all of  a sudden I got the following when I try to go to local host from wamp menu. I installed the newer version of wamp but still same problem. I have attached a snapshot if that helps.
thanks much.


// Page créé par Shepard [Fabian Pijcke] <Shepard8@laposte.net>
// et Romain Bourdon <romain@anaska.com>
// pour WAMP5

//afficher phpinfo
if (isset($_GET['phpinfo']))

// Définition de la langue et des textes

if (isset ($_GET['lang']))
    $langue = $_GET['lang'];
elseif (preg_match("/^fr/", $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']))
    $langue = 'fr';
    $langue = 'en';
$langues = array(
    'en' => array(
        'langue' => 'English',
        'autre_langue' => 'version française',
        'autre_langue_lien' => 'fr',
        'titre_html' => 'WAMP5 Homepage',
        'titre_conf' => 'Server Configuration',
        'versa' => 'Apache version :',
        'versp' => 'PHP version :',
        'versm' => 'MySQL version :',
        'php_ext' => 'Loaded extensions : ',
        'titre_page' => 'Tools',
        'mysqlerror1' => 'MySQL not launched or bad phpmyadmin config',
        'mysqlerror2' => 'phpmyadmin connection not available',
        'txt_projet' => 'Your projects',
        'txt_no_projet' => 'No project yet.<br />To create a new one, just create a directory in \'www\'.',
        'txt_alias' => 'Your aliases',
        'txt_no_alias' => 'No Alias yet.<br />To create a new one, use the WAMP5 menu.',
        'faq' => 'http://www.en.wampserver.com/faq.php',

    'fr' => array(
        'langue' => 'Français',
        'autre_langue' => 'english version',
        'autre_langue_lien' => 'en',
        'titre_html' => 'Accueil WAMP5',
        'titre_conf' => 'Configuration Serveur',
        'versa' => 'Version de Apache:',
        'versp' => 'Version de PHP:',
        'versm' => 'Version de MySQL:',
        'php_ext' => 'Extensions chargées: ',
        'titre_page' => 'Outils',
        'mysqlerror1' => 'MySQL n\'est pas lanc&eacute; ou votre configuration phpmyadmin n\'est pas bonne.',
        'mysqlerror2' => 'connexion de phpmyadmin non disponible',
        'txt_projet' => 'Vos projets',
        'txt_no_projet' => 'Aucun projet.<br /> Pour en ajouter un nouveau, cr&eacute;ez simplement un r&eacute;pertoire dans \'www\'.',
        'txt_alias' => 'Vos alias',
        'txt_no_alias' => 'Aucun alias.<br /> Pour en ajouter un nouveau, utilisez le menu de WAMP5.',
        'faq' => 'http://www.wampserver.com/faq.php'
etc ect...
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Are you seeing the php code instead of it executing?

If so, it is most likely that your apache config has gone haywire and no longer includes the

LoadModule for php

and/or the

AddType application/x-httpd-php php
awarraicAuthor Commented:
Yea normally, when I click local host, it takes me to all the websites that I have in WWW folder. I switched to IE instead of firefox and it seems like working fine. But, just curious what is crashing firefox, I kind of too used to firefox. I have attached snapshots of the local host page on both, firefox and IE.
thanks much.

It looks like your wamp installation has errored out with the php.

I would suggest uninstalling wamp then browsing to the folder containing any wamp installations and deleting them.

Then reinstall wamp.

If that doesnt work download xampp:
- http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XAMPP

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awarraicAuthor Commented:
I did that already. I un-installed wamp5 and installed wamp 2.0, still have the same problem.
any other suggesions?
Did you delete all the files manually from the installation folders?

Did you try installing Xampp?
awarraicAuthor Commented:
I ran windows add/delete software and I just changed the wamp folder's name to wamp_old and did a fresh install. What is Xampp? I like wamp :)
Xampp is the same idea as wamp its a prepackaged apache mysql and php but its designed for all operating systems.

I posted details regarding it above - it should get you going soon.
awarraicAuthor Commented:
Thanks much.
what was wrong with the response that you graded it a b?
awarraicAuthor Commented:
It's still not working. I re-installed it but still have same problem. So, issue is still there. I hope you feel better to get a B.
then why did you close it off... did you install xampp
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