Loop through files, search and replace text, save - FSO?

not sure how to search for this one.

I have a gazillion files in Forest Blog and I need to search <!--#include virtual="/Includes/ with <!--#include virtual="/Forest Blog/Includes/ with FSO?  Loop through the files, search for the text, replace with correct text, save.  I swear I used to have some code to do this but I can't find it.   all ASP files and I'd like to do it in ASP.

Many thanks in advance.
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chilternPCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can do it in dreamweaver if you have a copy.
define the site as the forest blog folder and ctrl-F and off you go.
backup the folder first !!!!
meldraperAuthor Commented:
Yes, I guess I could put a copy in my local folder and do it on the current local files.  Thanks!
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