How to keep users from shutting down web site when clicking on red X button when viewing child pages.

When users are drilling down to a child web page within my site, I would like to keep them from accidentally shutting down the whole site when they click on the Red X on the page.  I have done this myself when the only thing I wanted to do is close that particular window.  I have pictures that have a link to other pages within my site.  I though I had it figured out by selecting the Target Frame within the Hyperlink and setting it to use a New Window.  Worked great.  If they closed the page, the main web page was there!  The problem is, if they use the "UP" from the Link Bar, then the child page  stays open and when they want to shut down, now they have multiple pages to shut down.  Obviously that will not make a happy user and looks sloppy. Is there a way I can I have my cake and eat it too without a lot of code since I am a really new at this.  Thanks in advance for the help.  If this is harder than what it should be, then I will bump the numbers up more.    
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I have not used the FP navigation in such a long time, I am trying to remember what "up" is.  

But re-reading your question, it sounds like you have a new window opened (which you would like) but now you have a number of pages opened which you don't like?  It needs to be one or the other, you can't open a new browser window and not have the browser windows opened

MrGDAuthor Commented:
I already have the open browser window which works and solved half of my problem, but is there a way to add a close statement which would be fire when the user left the window.  In VB or VBA forms it is called lostfocus (I believe).  I could always loose the Link Bar and just add buttons to the forms for navigation if I had to, but thought there should be a better way.
You can use JavaScript to close the window but if you use target="_blank", most users will get a Warning message.  

Pop-up Close Methods:


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