How can i stop IE7 from loading web pages over a VPN

I have a laptop that connects to a VPN over a mobile phone connection.
The laptops use a web browers that links into a database at the head site.
I need to lock the laptops down so that they can't surf the web and only access the database over the web browser.
I've managed to fool the browser for the first connect. that being the dialup on the mobile. I have done this by putting in fake dns address's.

But when it comes to the VPN, i can setup a fake dns for one setting, but the router gives it a second dns that is correct. I can not disable this. As it causes the web browser to see the web via the VPN.

I have also tried putting in fake proxy settings.

Can some one advise me on how i can disable IE7 from see web pages, except for the database.
By the way, the database is accessed by putting in an IP address in IE, not word based.
many thanks
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have the possibility of defining a single route for the VPN client rather than a default route?
for example equivalent to
route add  mask
rather than
route add  mask
Where is the database server, and is the VPN client's assigned IP
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks total123.
Cheers !
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