Windows XP Audio Driver for Satellite U300 Laptop

I have a Toshiba Satellite U300 Laptop that came with Vista and I want to run XP on it, so I installed it and I cannot get the Audio to work.  I have downloaded the Toshiba Audio Driver from europe, us and Canadian sites.  No Luck!  I know it works, because I had it working once, but now I re-installed windows two months later and cannot remember what I did.  Any ideas?

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Looking around, I see the Satellite U300 comes with Realtek sound.  Try the drivers direct from the manufacturer?

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Also - make sure the chipset driver is installed:
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I assume you already tried this one already then?

That supposedly works for Vista. Otherwise, I have seen cases where Windows Update will actually detect the proper driver for your hardware and install it for you via the updates.
If the laptop comes with "HD" Audio, make sure you have KB835221 from microsoft installed...

It comes with audio drivers...or you can google to find where to download it.

redekopmfgAuthor Commented:
Finally I got it figured out!  Here is the steps I followed:
1.  Did all the Windows Updates
2.  Installed the Realtek Driver
3.  uninstalled all unknown or errored devices in device manager
4.  rebooted
5.  tried installing the devices as they popped up
6.  The first 3 did not work, then it detected the sound driver on the 3rd one and then installed all the other ones.

Thanks for your help!
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