router addresses

We have about 5 routers being used.  Is there a way to find what ip address each is using?
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Michael WorshamStaff Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
What kind of routers are they and are they on the same network?
Will you elaborate on your network set up more? How are the routers connected. What make and model of routers are they?

Traceroute will tell you all the routers or layer three devices a packet passes through on its way to a specific destination.

Most routers have a console port and you can connect your computer to and login to the router and collect the ip address.

Give us more information and we can help a little more
ThomasBallardITAuthor Commented:
Same network.  Different types of routers including netgear and linksys.
You can scan your network with LanSpy, Sometimes a name will appear with the Mac Address. Could give you a clue on your routers. There are also other nifty apps from
Also if you have access to your routers Mac address on the box, you can compare it to what lanspy finds.

Most vendors have a free utility that discovers and manages there S/W / Routers. You might check on there website if you know your routers Brand.

Michael WorshamStaff Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
One good free software that can do it is called Spiceworks (


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