Print PDF file directly from Solaris 9

I am trying to figure out how to print PDF file directly from Solaris 9.  Based on other suggestions, I downloaded and installed Acrobat Reader for Solaris and run the following command:

./acroread -toPostScript <  /tmp/invcdoc2.pdf | lp -d mc035

The output is:
lp: stdin is empty, so no job has been sent.
ksh: 13302 Segmentation Fault

Any suggestions on how to overcome this error or another way to print a PDF would be appreciated.

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If you use CDE or GNOME, I would recommend you to install CUPS:
Configure your printer, then just open PDF in Acrobat and choose 'print'.

Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
When you open the PDF file in Acrobat Reader, you can print it on any
installed postscript printer without problems. Alternatively, you may
use PCL printers as well.

Here is how to add a networked postscript printer in Solaris:
Please add a networked postscript  printer in Solaris this way only:
a) Make sure you have a host entry for your printer's ip address
    Example entry in /etc/hosts (aka. /etc/inet/hosts):      laser01
b) Add the printer with local name <queue>, where <print_dest> is the hostname (or
    IP address as stated above):
    # lpadmin -p <queue> -o protocol=bsd,dest=<print_dest> -T PS -I postscript \
       -v /dev/null -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
c) Enable the printer queue and the printer itself:
   # accept <queue> ; enable <queue>
Now you can print using standard Unix System V commands like
  # lp myfile

If myfile is not a postscript file, it will not be converted to postscript automatically.
To install the required filters to perform this job automatically when sending a text
file to your printer's queue, use these commands:
# cd /etc/lp/fd
# lpfilter -f download -F download.fd
# lpfilter -f dpost -F dpost.fd
# lpfilter -f postdaisy -F postdaisy.fd
# lpfilter -f postdmd -F postdmd.fd
# lpfilter -f postio -F postio.fd
# lpfilter -f postior -F postior.fd
# lpfilter -f postmd -F postmd.fd
# lpfilter -f postplot -F postplot.fd
# lpfilter -f postprint -F postprint.fd
# lpfilter -f postreverse -F postrevers.fd
# lpfilter -f posttek -F posttek.fd

To get rid of the banner page, you have to change the file /etc/lp/interfaces/<queue>
   1) nobanner=no  has to be changed to nobanner=yes
   2) In the line with the definition von "NETPR=..." add option "-b"

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