Can HP Jetdirect print to an Epson receipt printer?

I have a jetdirect 175x that is connected to an Epson M129H receipt printer via USB and need the printer to print. Can't print a configuration page or send a test page to the printer over the network. I can connect to the jetdirect via the web interface configuration and change any settings that need be.
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michkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you look at the data sheet on the jetdirect 175x from HP, it doesn't list any products besides HP.  Basically, in this situation it's kind of hit and miss.  Sometimes you can use a different manufacturer's printer and it will work fine, the majority of the time it won't.

What you're looking for to network the tm-t88iv, is the Ethernet Interface Connect-IT module from Epson:
If you haven't got onboard ethernet on this Epson printer - try connecting to the JetDirect box with parallel.
My experience with JetDirect boxes is that they are generally useless - but they work better off parallel than usb...
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