Exchange 2003 Public Folder Pemrission Problems


Someone reset the permissions on the Exchange 2003 Public folders and remove the administrator and exchange administrators from there.

Now i am trying to gain access on it but i can't i use the Manage Settings and set the owner to administrator but nothing happens.  Some of them work and permissions are reset but some do not.

Is there anyway for me to reset those PFs and gain access as the admin and the owner again?
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sekhar_kiitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please try using PFDAVADMIN tool. Its a very good tool.
In ESM, go the specific public folder -> properties-> Permissions -> Add administrators account in Administrative Rights, Directory Rights and then in Client permissions as owner.

pannivasAuthor Commented:
thats how i do it but there are folders that i still cant gain access to.
even if i reset the permission i simply can't get access to them
Do you full access on the PF store?
pannivasAuthor Commented:
on the PF store yes.

between the store was a part of another domain which was brought offline.
Now someone needs some files from this PF Store, so i mount the PF edb to a new domain to a new exchange 2003 installation and tried to restore the PFs.

Most of them did not have administrator as owner,  some of them i manage to reset the permissions and the own back to administrator but i still have a few that no matter what i cannot get the administrator in the permissions group at all let alone set him up as owner.
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