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Hi all.  I just bought 7 more domains from godaddy that I would like to point to our Mac Server, version 10.3.9.  We use Zoneedit for our name server records.  What am I going to need to configure to make this happen?  I would like all domains to have the same index page and information.  I have tried adding a zone in zone edit, and editing the name servers on godaddy's side, but it's not working.  I have also tried just pointing the IP address straight to our dedicated server's IP.  No luck either.  Any help you can give would be great!
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Pétur Ingi EgilssonConnect With a Mentor Software Engineer -- ConsultantCommented:
Create A record for www.yourdomain and yourdomain and point it to the IP address of your Apache server.
Edit your domain at godaddys so it will use zoneedits NS (Nameservers)
create a new record at zoneedit, specifying their NS's as the nameservers.
PhatzerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually as long as the domain points to your web server's IP address it will work, there shold be no other issues, however it may be that your DNS takes a little while to pick up the changes you make to the domains. This is only a suggestion, I can't really help you much further.
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