AIX 5.3 remote queue setup for Window XP Pro

I need to setup a queue in AIX 5.3 to print to a shared Printer on a Windows XP Pro PC.  I created the queue using "BSD" as a type and I used the DNS name for the PC as the host name.  My question is when I do a lpstat I see the queue and it list the PC's IP address instead of the DNS name.  This PC is setup for DHCP.  Will this queue become unusable when the IP changes upon DHCP renewal or will the queue dynamically pick up the new address.

pur3m   @DALS READY
pur3m:                          Windows XP LPD Server
pur3m:                               Printer \\\CONEXIOM
pur3m: Owner       Status         Jobname          Job-Id    Size   Pages  Prior
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Why don't you give static IP address to the XP PC (in DHCP you can give the same IP for that PC)?

Do you have a reverse lookup in DNS for the PC IP address?

Your PC has no reverse DNS record. You need to add one, not AIX issue.

Set your XP printserver with fixed DHCP lease, since you will be unable to print when DHCP gives it different IP address subject to DNS TTL
Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
As long as you can assure that the PC's name (in DNS, not WINS) is always the same -- although the IP address might change due to DHCP and your Aix box queries DNS for this name you are fine.
Much safer: Using static IP address for the PC or DHCP with inifite lease time.
Is it possible for you to use a dynamic DNS service on the Windoze machine? That would enable you to get the DNS name to stay the same even if the DHCP address changes.
Exact answers:
1) Queue will become unusable if something is being printed while DNS records sync up after address change
2) You see PS's IP address because of infrastrucuture problem - missing reverse DNS record. It has nothing to do with AIX's ability to print.

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