Strange mongrel behavior

hi experts,

I am using mongrel server on windows 2000 for a small rails application and this is test version for now. Very rarely, when I click a link, the entire web app freeze.(BTW, this happened very rarely.) If that happens, no link works and I dont get any info from the log file. It looks like to me, mongrel server got stuck somewhere. The only option is restarting server. If I stop the server, it prints all the unexecuted log statement prints out.
BTW, I use this command to run the mongrel server

Ruby script/server e test p 4001

Has anyone ever experience this?

BTW, is this OK to use mongrel server for production if this rails app is small and has a few users?

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Well, if you're running in the test environment, this could be an issue.  Test environment is for running your automated tests.  Use production or development for actually viewing the application in a browser.

That's the first thing I'd try.  If you're working with it locally, use development because it reloads the files for each request (good for if you change something and want to see it right away!)  If you've put it on a separate server for others to use, use production (doesn't reload requests, so it's quicker).

Can you clarify "If I stop the server, it prints all the unexecuted log statement print out."?  When you hit control-c, that 'unsticks' the process and it shows you the click that you've been waiting on?

Mongrel is fine for production environments.  I run all of my production apps with mongrel.

You can set up mongrel as a cluster if you need to, so that allows you to have multiple mongrels instances running.

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dkim18Author Commented:
Ok, that is good to know. Actually, when I ran it for production environment, I don't think I had this issue. I will bring up this issue again if I experience same thing.
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