how do i upgrade cisco router firmware ?


i have a cisco 857 router and i need to upgrade the firmware from 2.5.something to 3.0.something else

the modem bit of the router drops out frequently and i'm led to believe a firmware upgrade will fix this

however .....

instructions on the 'net tend to be along the lines of  'download .bin' - OK no problems

'rename to adsl_alc_20190.bin' - OK too

'copy to flash and reboot '  - ??????

if i dig a bit harder i can find stuff like 'use your favourite tftp server ' - ?????

for me that's a bit like saying - 'for coronary artery bypass surgery, open chest, fix arteries, close chest'


can anyone walk me through the process please

i have the correct .bin, renamed and saved in c:\local software on my laptop and i can log into the router using hyperterminal

what next ??????
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Don S.Commented:
Cisco used to have a TFTP server you could download from them and install on your local computer, but they don't do that anymore.  You could use this open source TFPT server here instead: 

Install the TFTP server on you comnputer, start it and point it to where you have saved your BIN file, then telnet to your router and tell it the IP address of your computer where you have the tftp server running.  Give it the file name to load and tell it to go.

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babysnakeAuthor Commented:

the .bin is in c:\tftp\

tftp server is listening on

telnet into the router with hyperterminal and i get this ...

Username: admin
cisco857#copy tftp: flash:
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename []? adsl_alc_20190.bin
Destination filename [adsl_alc_20190.bin]?
Accessing tftp://
%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)

can't see why that should be happening !!
babysnakeAuthor Commented:
thanks - once i worked my way around the laptop firewall and worked out #copy tftp: flash: was what was needed.
router now works -TA DA
It sounds like the router could not open the connection.

1) make sure the tftp server is active. I would go into more detail, but it depends on which tftp server you are using.
2) make sure you are not running a local firewall.

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