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I am looking for an opensource or freeware code documentation generator for ColdFusion code.  The generator must only require the code and not require the server or CF MX app, etc to run.

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Mr_NilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well - the only way you're really going to find out what code is doing is by reading it and/or executing it.

Its not exactly documentation, but I would recommend using Eclipse ( as your IDE with the CFEclipse ( plugin.  

CFEclipse has a number of different views
- Outline view gives you an ummm  outline of the code. It compresses the code showing conditions, loops and some tags groups.
- Component Explorer - Gives you an overview of the folder in the application and the cfc's in each folder, including the methods in those cfcs and their arguments
- Method View gives a quick overview of the methods in the cfc you're currently editing and a short cut to the method in the cfc.

I know its not documentation, but it will help you to look at and understand an application.
What is it that you're aiming to document?
LocoTechCJAuthor Commented:
I'm looking for what variables, methods, or classes are being used and what, in general, the code is doing.
LocoTechCJAuthor Commented:
I installed CFEclipse, and it helps some.  I guess it'll have to work as a guide.  Thanks for the info.
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