Exchange 2007. How do I force an email client to use authentication?

Exchange 2007.
Exchange Newbie here...
How do you force an email client to use authentication, by configuring it on an exchange server?
Is it related to a 'Send or Receive' connector?
When is authentication typicallly required...etc.?
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ATIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would assume you are talking about pop/imap clients?

the recieve connect is where the client would relay message from and can easily be configured to authenticate users, the pop/imap piece auth is enabled by default....

Am I in the right direction or?
cliffordgormleyAuthor Commented:
yes atig, I think that answers my question.  I checked on some Receive connectors, and there was an authentication tab.  I wish I knew what TLS was though...some more research required.
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