Looking for a new network monitoring system to replace our Nagios installation.

Hello all,

Im looking for a new network monitoring system to replace our Nagios installation.  Nagios is nice and free but it lacks the details and configurability we are looking for.

Here is some background.  He have a small data center, about 82 racks and about 250 servers. 95% of the servers are HPs with a few Dells and old Compaqs littering the place.

What I need to do is to have some monitoring system in place that actively monitors every server 24/7.  When I say monitor, what I need is more then just the fact that said server is ping-able.  I need to know if a server has crashed, blue screened, etc.  I also want to know when drives are getting close to being 20% full.  Now our servers have dedicated OS drive partition should never get less then 40% or so, but some of our data drives can be upwards of 4-5  TB.  Now when a drive gets less then 20% full, we are talking about 800-1000 GB free.  I would also like to know when systems are starting to over heat if possible, when fans go out, if possible and when drives go out, again, if possible.  One thing Nagios does that we dont like is repeated reminders over and over till the cows come home about tripped events.  This fills up everyones mail box with redundant messages and many times they get ignored by people because its considered spam by some.

What systems do you guys/gals have in place?
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Hello Tossil,

Used to use Solarwinds...you might want to consider the higher end product Orion.  I've used What's Up Gold by IPSwitch.  Also have used CA Spectrum software.  The last time I used a monitoring solution has been a while.  I am looking for a similar product as well.  Currently testing What's Up Gold.  I just finished testing Nagios and was not as impressed as I thought I would be.  CA Spectrum is expensive.

I also plan on looking into HP SIM software...since I think it will manage our HP servers well.


Try using spiceworks.  it is free and does many of the things that you want.  All you do is install it and then it scans your network and catalogs things like software and disk space.  It will even send you an email at certain customizable alarms.  http://spiceworks.com
Spiceworks is ad supported...right in their application via google ads.  This may seem like a downside to many as well just seeming wrong especially for any implementation outside of a very small business.  I have seen it once and have not really played with it so can't speak to its usefullness.
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Good linux based solution that will pull in some of your nagios background.  Does SNMP, WMI etc.  You can download a full working VM from the website an be up and running in 15 min.  Will discover your network etc.  NIce features and will be replacing a lot of nagios installs.  Check it out.


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TossilAuthor Commented:

Can you tell me a little more about the differences between Nagios and Zenoss.  To be honest, I already had downloaded and printed the manual so I could better review this application but getting some insight from someone who has already used this software would be most useful.
TossilAuthor Commented:
I'm still looking for some help.  Looking to know the differences between Nagios and Zenoss.
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