Cisco Call Manager New IP phone network not working

I have several LANs connected together either by point to point links or by site to site VPNs. Each network has data voice running VOIP.  I have never added a new site before without assistance, but I just tried and I ran into one small issue on the VOIP end.  I added a new location with its own PIx 506 and setup a site to site VPN. The pix on the remote end acts as a DHCP server and the phone and PCs can get their IPs/gateway DNS server etc fine.   The remote site can ping the call manager and visa versa. From the call manager I can ping the phones and PCs at the new remote site.  The issue is that the phones will not register with the CM. As the phone boots up it says configuring IP, then configuring VLAN, then it gets stuck at configuring IP forever (even though the phone already has an IP and I can even go into its web interface fine).

Once i get into the phone's web interface there are a couple of settings that are of interest.
1.  no tftp server is listed
2.  it says that DHCP isn't enabled (even though it has a DHCP address).

Is there anything I need to do on the CM end to let it 'know' about this new range of IPs that this new site will be on?  I copied the pix config exactly from another site to site location but obviously I missed something.  Also, the new site is set up with a Pix 506 where the others are set up with a 506e (both have the same Pix software version). Not sure if that would make a difference or not, but that is the only difference in hardware/setup that i know of.

Thanks in advance

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When you set up the dhcp scope for this new location did you include option 150. This option lets it know the ip address of the call manager.


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mikeleebrlaAuthor Commented:
That was it. I don't know how i missed that line from the pix config. I added "dhcpd option 150 ip server_ip" and the phone registered fine.  Thank you.
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