Veritas 10 Cyclic Redundancy Check

I'm getting a Cyclic Redundancy Check on Veritas 10.0 trying to backup every night.  

I'm using a Dell PV-110T DLT VS-160 Tape Drive (Quantum).  Adaptec 39160 SCSI Card.  Firmware and Drivers are completely up to date.  I have warrantied and replaced the drive itself, along with the SCSI cable.  Also have replaced all of my tapes.

The drive itself (even original before replacement) passes all of the Dell Diagnostics.

The backup job begins ok, then fails with the cyclic redundancy check message after about 3GB worth of data has been copied.  After rotating in new tapes, I was able to get up to about 6GB before the backup failed, but the end result was the same.  

After a tape is run, the media is now shown as "Not Appendable (End Marker Unreadable).  I'm not sure if this matters or not, as my backup is set to overwrite, but it strikes me as strange since my media set is set  to "infinate - allow append".  Even the brand new tapes showed this error after the backup failed the first time they were used.  

Here is my exact error message:

Backup- D: DataStorage device "DELL 1" reported an error on a request to write data to media.
Error reported:
Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
This could be caused by either a dirty tape drive, bad media, or a SCSI problem.
V-79-57344-34028 - Error reading/writing data from/to the media.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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Firstly, how often do you use the cleaning tape?
This is a common error message when there is not a regular cleaning done.
There are a few schools of thought on cleaning, as to the abrasive nature of the cleaning tape on the heads. But, you need to clean the drive if told to do so by software or a light on drive.
In this instance, run a cleaning tape through 3 to 5 times straight, then try a backup and see if it completes.
Also, it would be worth running the cleaning tape on a regular basis if you do not have a cleaning light or software notification. Perhaps weekly (as long as you don't get crc errors in between).
Let me know how you go.

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We currently use DLT tape drives and clean about once a month.  When we do see CRC errors, they are typically due to bad tapes.
Still sounds like a dirty drive to me. Is the tape drive used daily and how long do the backups run for.
Once a month doesn't sound enough to me.
Try multiple cleans and see how you backup goes. If that fixes it, you probably need to clean weekly or play with the frequency till you get good results.
Agreed.  I didn't mean to shoot down your argument.

Considering that you're using different tapes and still generating the same error, it sounds like a dirty drive.
hindsightAuthor Commented:
I use the Cleaning Tape monthly and/or whenever the light comes on.  I don't think it was the cleaning issue, because the problem occurred with a brand new tapes and a brand new drive.  Swapped out the SCSI card/cable and have had no problems since.
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