Dynamic Websites and SEO

What is the best way to resolve URL's for a dynamic website?  What are the best practices for SEO?

For example:

If you have a Data Drill down for the Content management of your website and pull content into ASP.NET templates based upon data id's, should you leave the url location:


Or should you pass a title too?  What are the benifits of keeping the pages like this?


Or is it best to try to export HTML files from a CMS?


Or is it best to go with an AJAX solution


What is the best way for SEO?  What are the avantages and disadvantages of each solution?  Is there another solution that I have not considered?  Is there a .NET tool that you can implement to resolve url's?
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hoyaabanksAuthor Commented:
I acutally found it in some SEO Books.  The best practice is dynamic url rewriting.  Works great with Google and Yahoo.



Is the actual link.  You catch it and change it to:




You can do so in a HTTP Module.


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