Dotnetnuke upgrade issues

Hello Everyone,

Just ran into an interesting issue that I guess there is not much for solutions out there on various forums so wondered if you guys have heard of this error or have discovered a solution.

The error deals with the following message:

A critical error has occurred.
Multiple controls with the same ID 'ScriptManager' were found. FindControl requires that controls have unique IDs.

I upgraded to DNN 4.8 and while I was on DNN 4.5.1 I didn't receive this error but had to upgrade in order to use sql2005 efficiently since I was previously on sql 2000.  At any rate This message in my experience as well as many others comes up sporadically and really with no rhyme or reason attached to it.  I have a hard time duplicating the error and it seems to never show up in the same spot twice but shows up sporadically when doing simple things like viewing a web cam module to more interactive things such as deleting an undeeded module to enter events in the events module.

Yet when this message appears and you try to do perform the same routine that you did when the message showed up it doesn't appear again at that place and here and there pops its head out.  A friend and I were trying to strategically think about what the problem coudl stem from and got to thinking that somehow or some where down the line a dynamically generated id somehow must be clashing with an id at a given moment when an itneraction happens either via going to a page in dotnetnuke or like I was doing when it happened deleting a module.  Than when you try to do it again a different id is dynamically generated that doesn't clash with other ids.  We were thinking that perhaps down the line when doing the upgrade somehow the core part of DNN that keeps track of used ID's was perhaps not working prperly and so allowing these clashes from time to time.

I am not sure if this is a lead or not but seems reasonable.  Apparently if you google the above error you find at least three or more good pages with blogs concerning the issue but no one seems to have a real answer at least that I could find as the error has no real pattern to it and is tough if not impossible to simulate on demand and just pops up when doing normal routine things from time to time.

If you guys have either run into this error yourselves when upgrading to dnn 4.7 or 4.8 or have been able to come up with a solution or a dignostic as to what causes this to show up from time to time I would greatly appreciate any help I could get to resolve this issue as it is an annoyance to those working on the site, updating things, etc... thanks again

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This error comes up for me sometimes too. I recently upgraded to dnn 4.8 as well. I find that it comes up if i leave an AJAX enabled page up for a long time, maybe until after it has been changed and if it is refreshed or something it pops up with this error. Not sure if you found this resource, but its an ongoing thread on the dnn site:
feel free to post in there as well.

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cyboramaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the insight you are correct.  In version 4.8.2 this prolem has been resolved.  I just not too long ago upgraded to that version and now have no problems thanks for your reply you were on the right track
cyboramaAuthor Commented:
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