Does the SonicWall PRO 2040 provide for true load balancing

I have not been able to find any information describing exactly how the "load balancing" works on the SonicWALL Pro 2040. My questions are:

Can you direct certain types of traffic out of a specific interface, i.e VoIP out the FIOS line?
Are both outbound and inbound traffic load balanced?,
Will the connection failover to an available interface if service from one of the ISPs goes down?

I appreciate feedback on this equipment from anyone out there.  We are looking for a product that can handle two different connections and provide load balancing and firewall protection.

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feptiasChief DudeCommented:
Load balancing and WAN failover are options on the Pro 2040 - I think you have to get the Enhanced SonicOS for these options, but check with your supplier.

In the WAN Failover and LB section form on my Pro 4060 it shows you which port is designated as the primary and which is the secondary WAN port. You then have a check box that enables Load Balancing and below that are four radio buttons that offer the following mutually exclusive choices:
Basic active/passive failover (it uses WAN1 always unless it fails, then WAN2)
Per connection round-robin
Spillover based - you specify a bandwidth figure in Kbps above which the secondary gets used
Percentage based - you specify percentages for primary and secondary

It must only be for outbound as inbound will not be under the control of the Sonicwall (other than complete rejection of an inbound connection by firewall rules).

Hope this helps

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jforvilleAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your information
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