how do i get onboard video to stay enabled when installing video card?

I wanted to setup dual monitors, so we added a video card in the AGP slot and was hoping to use the onboard video as a second monitor output but when installing external card (fx5200) it automatically disables the onboard video (sis chipset), the manual says it can be done as long as you set the primary video adapter in bios to pci which we have, also no jumpers on board....m863g pc chips board ( i know its junk)....
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There is not many motherboards that have onboard video will work with AGP video card installed on it. Moreover, the PC Chip motherboard is fairly cheap board and I doubt it has that function.
garthpeAuthor Commented:
I agree but manual says: (copy / pasted right out of manul)

This item indicates if the primary graphics
adapter uses the PCI or the AGP bus. The
default AGP setting still lets the onboard
display work and allows the use of a second
display card installed in an AGP slot.
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
Did you change the setting to AGP?
Try plugging the monitor into the onboard VGA and see if the computer will boot into windows.
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garthpeAuthor Commented:
yes, setting is on agp - no video out of onboard, no show in device manage either
I suggest you clear the CMOS in order to ensure the default setting is in place in the BIOS, as it states in the manual that when the default setting is used the onboard can be used with the AGP card in place.
There is another setting under the "Primary Graphics Adapter" setting  for allocating an IRQ to the PCI VGA, what is this set to? perhaps it should be set to YES.
garthpeAuthor Commented:
This is a client computer and I havent been able to tri clearing cmos yet... will keep posted asap

I will also try update FW when Im back
I've never seen a motherboard that will allow use of the AGP slot AND the onboard video card at the same time.  The reason is that the onboard video actually uses the same AGP bus as a card in the AGP slot would, so it has to disable the onboard to allow the dedicated card to run.

I would recommend either getting a dual output AGP video card, such as this one:
Or, go with a PCI card like this one:

The PC Chips manuals are not written by native English-speaking people, so some grammatical/logical errors are to be expected.  I believe what the motherboard manual means to say is that you must use a PCI video card to utilize the onboard video chipset at the same time.  A PCI video card would use the PCI bus, and thus not interfere with the onboard using the AGP bus, which is why you can use both at the same time.

I hope this all makes sense, and certainly let me know if you have any questions about it.

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garthpeAuthor Commented:
I will get a dual video output card , It was the manual that made me think it would work . but yes it makes sense if the both use the same channel. thanks
garthpeAuthor Commented:
thanks for explain, its mostly the manual that messed me up, it sure makes it sound possible .
Good point SgtSpike, we tend to believe what we read rather than realize the obvious.
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