turn off intellisense in VB?

Intellisense is great, and helped me alot. But sometimes, when I know what I am doing, I just want to type with out having to hit Esc every 2nd character. How do I turn it off?
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appariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no need to rename any dll files, its there in options, see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ecfczya1.aspx
open tools->options.

in the options dialog, Select and expand "Text Editor" from left side tree
Select "All Languages" sub node . you will find Statement completion option on the right side. check of auto list members.
PizpotAuthor Commented:
I am using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. When I click Tools-> Options I see a tree on the left with:

Projects and Solutions
Text Editor Basic
 -VB Specific
Windows Forms Designer

VB Specific area has 6 checks which are all on by default. Turning them off does nothing to stop it.
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i dont have VB 2008 yet.
check it may be its moved to other  place. check all the options in Text Editor basic node
PizpotAuthor Commented:
I have. I've seen in google solutions for C to rename a dll file. :-(
PizpotAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the effort. Express version is a no go though.
That doesn't work.  I haven't figured out a way either to kill intellisense in VB in Visual Studio 2008.

I'm having to edit my code in notepad because the damn editor keeps stopping every few seconds trying to intrepet my code AS I'm typing the damn code.
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